The Fabric of Reality


Our perception of reality is very reliable most of the time. For example if you run into a wall, your head will hurt while the wall remains unaffected. The effect is the same, regardless of how frequently you try. It also doesn’t matter what you might have heard about rare quantum fluctuations that in principle enable you to suddenly reappear behind the wall.

The rules of the real world may sometimes be annoying, but as long as we respect these rules, most people manage to deal with reality no problem. So why is reality an issue at all?

That is because the closer you look, the more questions arise. Are we really real or is everything but a dream within a dream? What is time? Where does the beauty and complexity of the world come from? Are we more than numbers in a virtual computer? Is there anything else behind the veil of our limited cognition? Physicists tell weird stories about higher dimensions of space, the quantum particle’s spooky action a distance, time and space being interchangeable, and so on. Does all this make any sense? And what has this got to do with my own experience? Some issues of daily life also tackle our understanding of reality. Is it really nothing but coincidence that I always end up in the slowest queue at the supermarket tills? Is it worth asking a horoscope who might be the best fit as a lover or partner for life? And last not least, does god exist?

The texts on this website are an attempt to construct a consistent model of reality that is in line with reproducible experiences and observations and that is comprehensible for laypersons. So far there are only a few drafts that may change substantially in the future. A little tour de force to some subjects using some emblematic icons can be found here.